Digitaria International

Global Availability

Covering all the land territories, there is growing capacity to serve maritime and even aeronautical markets. Digital divided customers in rural and remote regions around the world are increasingly relying on satellite communications to obtain broadband access to the Internet.
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Superior Performance

Satellite is unmatched for broadcasting applications like television. Corporations, governments and customers are increasingly entrusting advanced satellite solutions for two-way high speed IP networks.
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Superior Reliability

Satellite communications are totally free from terrestrial infrastructures. satellite connections are the only technology operational in case of terrestrial outages or disasters.
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About Us

We are an IT Global Service Company having, in its broadest sense, any interest in the development of satellite and electronic media technologies. Our aim is focused on the telecommunications area and investment, direct or indirect, in other companies actively involved in the dynamic industry of satellite telecommunications and multimedia applications.
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Management team

Digitaria International is managed by its Executive Committee, under the chairmanship of CEO Jean Martin Stoffel.
The Executive Committee consists of:
Jean Martin Stoffel, Chief Executive Officer
Vittorio Corsini, Chief Financial Officer, Responsible for Digitaria International S.A. Italian Branch Office
Sarah Lobo, Chief Administrative Officer
Federico Masier, Chief Development Officer